Johannesen Builders Inc
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Design Process

The path to your dream home


Determining client preference starts when Johannesen matches a client with one of a chosen handful of architects and designers. After a design professional has helped a client create a home plan that is both sound and cohesive, Johannesen and his crews take over.

"It is my pride and joy to put that house together, using the finest craftsmanship possible "

What you get from us

  • Constant communication directly with the builder
  • Help with site selection and placement of the home on the lot
  • A line item cost analysis with material allowances to meet your budget
  • Continuous design assistance and material selection with our handpicked design professionals
  • Detailed time frame
  • A high quality home built with the best modern practices and materials

We want to make sure that your building experience is enjoyable and rewarding. For that reason, we use a trusted and proven crew of subcontractors to ensure quality and workmanship.

Design Process
  • We take into consideration your lifestyle and how every detail such as lighting and furniture placement mold to your needs
  • We give you expert advice in choosing materials from windows and trim to cabinets, fireplaces and appliances.
  • Staying within your budget, only the most sound construction techniques and quality products will be used.

In this fast-paced world, it’s nice to know that someone will slow down enough to build a home with the time that is necessary to ensure a quality product.
“My homes will last a lifetime, and for many generations to come.”

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