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About Us


Craig Johannesen, with his wife of 31 years and their two daughters, founded Johannesen Builders inc. in Bend 15 years ago. The company completed their first Central Oregon house in 1997 - a spec home on Awbrey Butte, which sold immediately- and word spread quickly about Johannesen's high standards.

When Craig Johannesen was fifteen years old, he spent the morning at school like most of those his age. But as soon as he was done with lunch, it was off to the job site. His father, an old-fashioned Boston carpenter, trained his son those afternoons to build in the hardworking traditional style that was his personal practice and the family livelihood.

"My father worked on banks, churches, and fine New England homes," explains Johannesen. It was difficult work because the older homes of New England typically had many layers of molding and trim work inside and outside of the homes, often married with brick, slate and copper accents. Work on these homes required skill and patience." In the 38 years since learning the trade, the younger Johannesen has built homes with the same degree of craftsmanship that his father taught.


Today Johannesen Builders builds quality homes as well as custom remodels and has earned a reputation as one of Central Oregon's leading builders. With the reputation comes a following, and Johannesen has noticed a commonality among the people who choose his company to build their custom home. "Clients who expect quality come to me." he says
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